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I have to hold my hand up and admit I’ve been neglecting this of late. After a very nice (not to say incredibly insightful) comment on a previous post I’m planning on rectifying this situation.
In the meantime here’s something pretty for anyone who stumbles upon this to watch.

love blobs from Andy Taylor on Vimeo.


Nude Tubes; Part 2

The plot thickens…

Further to the “Nude Tubes” post regarding the lighting design for an unamed film still in production, after a bit of trawling I managed to find a couple of stills of the finished light fittings.

It’s probably safe to say at this stage (as it’s due to premiere later this month) that the design was for Kirsten Sheridans new film Dollhouse. As the brief for the design is laid out in the original “Nude Tubes” post I won’t go over that again, It’s been over a year since my involvement, and it’s interesting to finally see some images.

More news on the actual film/plot here http://filmireland.net/2012/01/04/kirsten-sheridans-new-film-dollhouse-to-receive-world-premiere-at-berlin-film-festival/

So, yet another string to my bow comes to fruition, tho I’m uncertain of what title I’d be credited with (if at all) Either way, I’m happy (and a little proud) of the end results I’ve seen so far.

Underneath The Arches…

First off, If I was going to do this on an install, unless the clients wife insisted that red was her favourite colour, I wouldn’t use anything quite so garish (this was temporary for an event) It does however, serve quite a nice purpose in showing how mixing colour/colour temperature light sources can serve to add depth and dimension to an architectural feature.

Unfortunately The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham/IMMA is rarely open after dark, so the chances of me convincing Dublin Corporation to undertake an extensive overhaul of the pretty shoddy existing lighting (including some nice buried uplighters highlighting their wonderful arches) are somewhere between slim and sod all, but what is life without dreams.

For the lighting trainspotters amongst you, the uplighters used are Studio Due ArchiLED’s

Nude Tubes…

Ok, first up, yes I know it’s a bit of a Flavin rip off, but I like to consider it more “homage” (that’s how I sleep at night!)

Every so often I’m gifted by getting a job where I get to do a bit of “art”

This “feature wall” was part of a larger install involving a number of custom designed and built fluorescent light boxes commissioned for a film set.

The brief was pretty much “how do you light a room for a film without using film lights”

The shoot took place completely on location, in a house, one camera, handheld, following a group of teenagers systematically trashing the place, so all lighting had to come from fittings that would supply the required light levels without compromising the architectural integrity of the space.

Mainly this was achieved with the aforementioned light boxes, but coincidentally the art director had seen a  fluorescent install I’d created for a hotel and liked the idea of doing something on a smaller scale on one wall.

I know this is a bit of a teaser, but as the film’s in post production I don’t want to give too much away visually before it gets released, but I do hope to get some more overall shots at a later date.

So there you go! no rant, just a lot of love for the naked fluorescent tube in all it’s glory!

A tale of two light sources…

It was the best of lights, it was the worst of lights…sorry, couldn’t resist. First off I promise this is going to be the last post grumbling about crappy hotel lighting for a while, although I do have a particularly bad example up my sleeve I’m going to leave it for a while as this blog is in danger of becoming a flood of negativity.

These “2 in 1” style fittings seem to be cropping up in hotel rooms all over the place, personally I find them aesthetically unappealing and more to the point I’ve yet to see one that actually performs both it’s required services with any degree of satisfaction. Basically they’re ugly and they don’t work. I don’t know of any interior or lighting designer that would have one in their own home as a bedside light, and if you realise the inherent flaws well enough to not use one yourself, why on earth force them on thousands of other people?

Anyway, on to the actual light…

Promising start! nice warm colour temp CFL. I was thinking to myself someones actually gone to the trouble of selecting the right bulb for this (on closer inspection there was no manufactures name but it was a Cfl, 15w 2700k lamp, nice and neat (i.e. didn’t stick out of the top of the shade) and until I inspected it thought it might actually be an incandescent (yes, it was THAT good)

OK, so someones obviously put some thought into this, let’s check out the “reading” light…

YIKES!! (and I promise there has been no Photoshop involved, it actually was that colour!!)

All my good and kindly thoughts washed away with a flick of a switch.

I tried to persevere, I really did, but after ten minutes trying to read under it my eyes hurt, my head hurt and my arms hurt. Yes, my arms…apart from the hideous colour temperature what you probably can’t tell from the photo is the beam angle was such a tight spot when pointed at a magazine page it only lit up the centre third of the page, to actually read by it I had to keep moving the magazine around to let the crisp blue light fall on the bit of the page I was trying to read.

It was some kind of LED, that much I know, but the manufacturer had the sense not to put any information as to who created the monstrosity, colour temperature, beam angle or wattage.

I want to force whoever spec’s these ugly, useless fittings to actually have them fitted on their bedside tables, it’s the only way I can think of to stop their insidious presence sweeping the hotel rooms of the world!

That is all. Promise there’s going to be some love up next post!


Radisson BLU forge ahead with bulb replacement…

You have to admire their ethics, unfortunately their aesthetics leave a lot to be desired!

Nice job of replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL’s but surely someone looked at it and thought “hang on, this is a prestige establishment, that just won’t do!”  or even “hmm…maybe we should get bigger shades…” Well apparently not…

You can’t blame the designer, I mean they’re by no means ugly fittings, they’re not particularly stunning or innovative, pretty bog standard hotel fare and probably look ok when they’re not fitted with a bulb that looks like a turtle sticking its head out of its shell! (that’s the polite analogy, I’m sure you can work out the other one!)

One can only hope this is the work of someone who doesn’t get paid enough to think and not company policy.

So come on Radisson Blu, Sligo, pull your finger out and either fit bulbs that don’t stick out like a literal sore thumb, or invest in some better shades!!

Feel free to call for a consultation!


When good lighting goes bad…

Ok, I promise this is the last one of these for a while. I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that It’s a manifestation of a mild dose of Aspergers (or something akin to that) that makes me notice this stuff. And I’m not making light of anyone who suffers from it, according to the experts a lot of us would be classed as borderline sufferers if we took the tests, for it (and for the record crowds freak me out too)

Anyway, for your pleasure (or horror) I give you, Birmingham International Airport, LED cove lighting. I wonder how many people see this every day and think “hello, somethings amiss here”  Maybe nobody, maybe they neither notice, nor care, or maybe they’ve been on to whoever installed it trying to get them back to sort out the problem. If the latter is true I sympathise. I’ve been in this position and It’s horrible, trying to get installers back to remedy failures or their own cock-ups is a nightmare, particularly if they’ve been paid.

Beyond the obvious problem, whoever installed it should remember to take their boxing gloves off next time they do a job!